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Eco Protect Series of glasses provide superior security for your home. Although, the Eco Star Eco Quiet series also provide security but Eco Protect is for enhanced threat perception. Stronger laminates with special inter-layer is able to protect you from virtually any attack. Small fire arm protection is also available.


Security Glass (Clip Art) 300 x 200

Security & Safety

Resists intrusion because the inter layer continues to safeguard the building even after the glass itself is broken. doesn’t shatter like ordinary glass.

Noise Reduction(Sleeping Kid) 300 X 200

Acoustics/ Sound Control

It is an excellent barrier to noise. The sheer damping performance of the plastic inter layer make the glass an effective sound control product.

UV Protection 300 x 200

UV Control

Screens out 99% of the sun’s damaging rays, protecting interior furnishing, displays or merchandise from fading effects of UV radiation.

Bullet Resistant Glass Image 664 x 500

Small Fire Arms Protection

Specially formulated and tested to protect people against small fire arms.


Eco protect

Eco Protect is an optimal solution which helps in protecting your home from break-ins.

Eco protect plus

Eco Protect Plus is best solution for high security and safety needs. It offers more tear strength and upto 100 times the rigidity of conventional PVB interlayer.

Eco protect pro

Eco Protect Pro are being used wherever you need a material that can make a difference in glass performance. It can offer improved ballistic protection or thinner constructions than are now possible with conventional laminated glass.

Eco Protect Bulletproof

Eco Protect Bulletproof manufactured to successfully resist the penetration of a bullet.

ECO PROTECT(Laminated Glass) 641 x 639
ECO PROTECT(13.52 MM Laminated Glass-1) 630x625

Eco Protect

13.52 MM Security Glass with PVB(Polyvinel butyral) interlayer.

ECO PROTECT (13.52 Laminated Glass) 630 x 625

Eco Protect Plus

13.52 MM Security Glass with SGP(Sentry Glass) interlayer.


Eco Protect Pro

20.28 MM Security Glass with SGP(Sentry Glass) interlayer.

Eco Protect (Laminated Glass 25mm)

Eco Protect Bulletproof

25 MM Security Glass with special  interlayers.

Product Comparison


60% Complete
80% Complete
90% Complete
70% Complete
70% Complete


50% Complete
100% Complete
100% Complete
100% Complete
100% Complete


10% Complete
70% Complete
90% Complete
100% Complete
100% Complete

Sound Control

10% Complete
70% Complete
70% Complete
90% Complete
90% Complete

Product Thickness(MM) Strength Safety Security Sound Sound Rating
6 MM Glass 6 7 7 1 STC26 1
Eco Protect 13.52 8 10 7 STC37 7
Eco Protect Plus 13.52 9 10 9 STC37 7
Eco Protect Pro 20.28 7 10 10 STC41 9
Eco Protect Bulletproof 25 7 10 10 STC41 9


What is Laminated Glass ?

Laminated glass is two or more panes of glass with one or more layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) sandwiched between them and treated. The glass panes can be basic float glass or tempered or heat strengthened panel. If the glass is broken, fragments tend to adhere to the PVB inter layer thereby reducing the risk injury from falling glass and helping to resist further impact or weather damage. It is most suitable wherever safety, security, noise control or UV control is a requirement. The single largest use of laminated glass is in automobile windscreens. Glass can also be laminated with special PVB like – Coloured PVB in transparent, translucent and opaque, Acoustic PVB for improved acoustic performance and Sentry Glass for better structural strength.

What is Interlayer ?

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What is Pvb Interlayer ?

Polyvinyl butyral (or PVB) is a resin usually used for applications that require strong binding, optical clarity, adhesion to many surfaces, toughness and flexibility.