GSC Trufrits Tempered Solids is a high quality range of ceramic frits on tempered glass. Ceramic frits once tempered are permanent unlike other products. Since, the glasses are tempered it is safer and stronger than traditional lacquered glass. GSC Trufrits can even be laminated for better safety and comes in 12 colors.




Our laquered glasses are 4-5 times stronger than ordinary laquered glass

Life Long Clip Art 200x200

Long Lasting Colors

Colors can not be removed even with acids or alkali’s.

Multi Colours Options 200x200

Vibrant Colors

Available in different shades which gives fresh and beautiful look to your interiors.

Eco Friendly Clip Art-1 200x200

Eco-friendly & recyclable

It is environmentally friendly and does not contain lead.

Glass Cleaning 200x200

Easy to clean

Both surfaces of glass are easy to clean with water or any glass cleaning liquids available

Glass Scratch 200x200

Scratch resistant

The surface of glass is smooth and paint is ceramic and cannot be removed by scratches



Tru-Red LC008


Tru-Ivory LX002


Tru-Deep Orange LC009


Tru-White LX003


Tru-Black LC007


Tru-Grey LC006


Tru-Deep White LX001


Tru-Mint LC004


Tru-Deep Almond LC005


Tru-Sun Yellow LC002


Tru-Aqua Blue LC003


Tru-Dark Red LC001


Available in 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12mm
Max size: 1700 X 3600 mm

GSC Trufrits vs Ordinary Lacquered Glass

GSC Trufrits

  • Ceramic frit becomes part of glass and cannot be removed
    even with acids or alkalies.
  • Elegant and Contemporary Finish.
  • Does not fade.
  • Tempering makes it 5-7 times stronger than ordinary glass.
    Is much safer than normal annealed glass. It can be
    laminated for greater safety and security.

Ordinary Lacquered Glasses

  • Made by using normal annealed glass which breaks easily and not safe.
  • Creamic frit cannot be a part of glass and it can be remove easily even with rubbing.
  • In case of breakage it breaks into large pieces with sharp edges which may leads to serious injuries.
  • Colors can fade with time.


Installation principles ?

  • Without exception, GSC Trufrits tempered solid should be installed in accordance with the current government regulations.
  • GSC Trufrits tempered solids are suitable for installation of external as well as internal use including rooms, where moisture is present such as (Kitchen, Bathroom etc.)
  • The glass should always be placed in front of an opaque wall.
  • The wall should perfectly smooth and flat.
  • On a bare wall it is better to fix a plywood panel before installing the glass.
  • Do not install on damp walls.
  • There are two possible fixing methods.
  • Adhesive: use compatible neutral silicone or double-sided adhesive tape.
  • Mechanical fixing: frames, mirror rail, mirror stubs, fixing brackets or ‘J’-section trim.
  • The gap between two panels should normally be 1-2mm.
  • The adhesive should be applied according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and also allow for the circulation of air behind the lacquered glass.
  • When installing light shades, take care to apply the glue in a totally uniform manner to avoid forming dark areas.
  • When the surface to be covered requires vertical or horizontal panes, 3 sections are better than 2 to achieve more pleasant aspect.
  • Beware of installing adjacent glass panels of different thickness, as they may appear to be slightly different colors.
  • Install on a uniformly colored surface for optimum appearance.

are the trufrits are breakable ?

Being made up to tempered glass, only strong deliberate attempt can damage the glass. In case of breakage it will break into small, relatively harmless fragments.

Can trufrits be customized ?

Yes, company logo, grids, custom sizes and many more customizations are possible.

will trufrits fade over a period ?

No, trufrits are made up of non-fading colors, even if placed in sunlight. Which is not present in case of ordinary lacquered glasses.